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(Tibbo) I'd like to use this planet we just found for our new civilization.
(Zilfer) It's excellent, but it's part of a 30-planet solar system.
(Zilfer) Their astrologers are going to go bananas.
Tibbo: Zilfer, does our new civilization like their planet?
Zilfer – They love it. Especially the ring that's around the planet.
Zilfer – they think of it as a permanent rainbow in the sky. [image of thick rainbow]
(Teg) Flossie, is Earth's sun in a constellation, as seen from Arcturus?
Flossie: Yes.
Teg – What do the Arcturians call that constellation?
Flossie: The Ostrich.
(Flossie) This planet I found is ideal for life, but it has seven equally-spaced moons.
[picture of planet with 7 moons]
(Scoot) Cool. So There will always be a full moon sometime during the night?
Flossie: Not necessarily.
(Flossie) Zilfer, how's your new civilization working out?
(Zilfer) Not well. Their planet's year is only 50 days long.
(Zilfer) Summer lasts for 12 days. And they don't like one-day vacations.
(Flossie) But they probably love living to be 400.
Flossie: My new planet’s civilization wanted a change of seasons, so I tilted the planet’s axis 25 degrees
Quark: And are they liking it?
Flossie: Now they’re complaining that Orion isn’t in the same place in the sky at 9 pm year round any more
Q: How did the Big Band theory originate?
A: Astronomers saw that the universe is expanding, and therefore they think it must have started from nothing.
Q: They didn't bother to consider that it might just be pulsating in and out forever?
A: No, they didn't. And the mathematics would be too complicated anyway.

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