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Q: Is there any hard proof of God?
A: No.
Q: Is there any hard proof that God does not exist?
A: No.
Q: So am I forced to be an agnostic?
A: Yes, if you need hard proof.
But here's a tip: spiritual questions can't be decided that way.
Q: Does belief in spirituality require blind faith?
A: No.
Q: what, then?
A: Willingness to expand your scope of possibilities, a good feel for probabilities ... and the letting go of all traditional teachings about God.
Q: Including…
A: Yes. All teachings.
Teacher: Almost all human assumptions about God are false.
Q: Like what?
A: You know, God has a gender, a personality, is judgmental, and so on.
Q: Does God take sides?
A: I can't believe you even asked that.
Q: Is the original Prime Creator all-knowing and all-powerful?
A: Neither. It is above knowing and lower-level creating.
It delegates those functions to us.
Q: So Prime Creator is just an awareness?
A: Prime Creator just IS.
Q: If I want to believe in creator beings, what doctrine do I need to ascribe to?
A: Nothing, other than the existence of a spiritual world and the primacy of love.
Q: Who or what do I worship?
A: Nothing. Just believe in your own innate goodness and worth, and that of all other beings, and be grateful. That will be sufficient.
Q Am I a sinner?
A In the eyes of the spirit world, you are completely beautiful and worthy now, and have been from birth.
Q But--
A Yes, you have some lessons to learn, but that's not your primary identity as spirit sees you.
Q: How can I come to know God?
A: You can't, completely. The Prime Intelligence is unknowable. But you can experience some of the more well-defined consciousnesses that are part of God.
Q: This is getting too complicated.
Q: What rules of morality does the Divine wish us to follow?
A: Respect life and all of creation.
Q: That's it?
A: Maintain a high level of integrity, be nice, and don't gossip.
Tibbo: Why do most humans assume that God is a single being?
Quark: Simplicity, convenience, and tradition.
Quark: Anything more than one God is too complicated.
Q: Are people who believe in God better than those who don't?
A: No. And if they think they are, that actually makes them worse.
Q: Does it work the other way, too?
A: Yes.
Q: What is God?
A: All existence, seen and unseen.
Q: Could you elaborate on that?
A: No, even that's too specific.
Q: Do I have a soul?
A: Yes. It's the timeless essence of you.
Q: Wait...I'm actually permanent?
A: Yes. But don't worry. You're who you are now only for this lifetime.
Q: Is there a devil?
A: No. It's a figment of the collective imagination.
Q: Then who do I blame for the bad things I've done?
A: Yourself.
Q: Why doesn't God just come down here and tell us how to solve all our problems?
A: That would defeat the purpose of our being here.
Q: Which is what?
A: Think about what I just said.
Q: Do Heaven and Hell exist?
A: It's not that simple. There are many realms in the spirit world.
Q: How many of them are bad?
A: It's not a dichotomy, OK?
Q: Is God merciful?
A: That question doesn't make sense. Destiny is the result of reincarnation and the law of karma.
God is hopeful, but impartial.
Q: That's not what I wanted to hear.
A: Sometimes reality is not what we want it to be.
(Zilfer, pointing toward door) What does Prime Creator look like?
(Tibbo) I peeked in there once. It’s a really big office and I didn’t see anything.
But whatever's in there took up the whole room.
Q: Are there other things in the spirit world besides you creators?
A: Well, we have angels, archangels, guides, teachers, various specialists, ascended masters,
beings that were humans, or about to be humans, karma committees, … devas of planets and their countries,
several kinds of nature spirits, disincarnate entities of various kinds floating around --
Q: Sounds pretty crowded.
A: It is. But then again, we have infinite room.
Q: Do you have a name for the collection of guides, teachers, and so on?
A: Yes. We call it “God”.
Q: So God is not necessarily singular?
A: Correct. It's a collective name, similar to “phone company” or “city council”.
Q: Are there angels and what are they?
A: Yes. They are spirit beings.
Q: Do they create?
A: No. They can be guides, messengers, or occasionally intervenors.
Q: Why can't we see them?
A: They exist in the full range of dimensions. But they can show themselves by merging their lowest three dimensions into our 3-dimensional space.
Q: Are there nature spirits and what are they?
A: yes. They are low-level worker spirits who care for plants and animals.
Q: I'm not sure they would appreciate the label “low-level”.
A: It just means they are relatively low in the hierarchy. It doesn't mean “low-life”.
Q: Are there different kinds of nature spirits?
A: Yes. There are the earth, water, air and fire elementals.
Plus other things like gnomes and fairies.
Q: Does anything oversee their work?
A: Yes, the devas.
Q: So the elementals have bosses?
A: Yes. And they're picky.
Q: Have fairies been seen, and how?
A: Yes. Like us, they can materialize their lowest three dimensions if they so choose.
If they do so only partially, they appear transparent.
Q: Funny how things that seem impossible can have a simple explanation.
A: True.
Q: What are ghosts?
A: Former humans in spirit that have not completely separated from our 3 dimensions.
They have not been able to complete the transition.
Q: How come?
A: An sudden and extreme trauma situation caused their death,
or they just want to stick around and see if you sell their house.
Q: Does evil exist?
A: Certainly there are humans whose purposes are not helpful.
Q: Does evil exist in spirit?
A: There are some dark influences. But they are more a manifestation of fear then deliberate harmful intent.
Remember that.
Q: How can we protect ourselves against harmful spiritual influences?
A: mainly, keep your own motivations pure and beneficial. And ask for help that is aligned with your highest purposes.
Q: How can evil and fear be alleviated?
A: Darkness is simply a lack of light. Shine light on it and it will no longer be there.
Q; Sometimes there are things blocking the light beam.
A: Get closer.
Q: I still think evil is real.
A: If you raise the window shade of a house, does darkness flow out?
Q; No
A: Does light flow in to replace the darkness?
Q: Yes. But only for as long as I keep the shade up.
Q: What is the number 1 problem in the world?
A: Fear
Q: What is the number 2 problem in the world?
A: False assumptions.
Q: What is the number 3 problem in the world?
A: All other problems derive from the first two.
Quark [referring to a book]: Shelley, Nietzsche, Russell, Sartre and others wrote eloquent defenses of atheism.
Tibbo: How could such erudite scholars come to a false conclusion?
Quark: Easy. False starting assumptions.
[Sign on door in background: Office of the Prime Intelligence]
(Tibbo) Zilfer, the word on the street is that prime creator's favorite creation is music. [notes coming from behind door]
(Zilfer) That's because it's the purest art form.
(Tibbo) What's so pure about heavy metal?
Q: Does the Prime Intelligence hear prayers?
A: No, it delegates that function to the personal guides.
Q: And so it trusts our guides to always act appropriately?
A: Yes. But I heard there's a firing mechanism in place.
Q: Do our guides hear prayer?
A: Yes.
Q: And are prayer requests acted on?
A: Yes, if it's in accord with the person's highest purposes, which the person is not always aware of.
A: Yes, if it's in accord with your highest purposes. Don't expect them to fix things you can fix yourself.
The response might not be in a form you're expecting. And don't expect instant results. Sometimes there's a short delay.
Q: Define “short”.
A: Our favorite prayers are the ones that ask for help or blessings for others.
Q: What is a blessing?
A: That's when divine healing and balancing energy is bestowed on someone else or on yourself.
Q: And it's free for the asking?
A: Yes. The only requirement is a pure and clear intent.
Q: Do our guides hear everything we think in our minds?
A: Yes.
Q: No way! Seriously?
A: It's like parents overhearing the kids talking. You let some things go because they're not fully aware yet.
Q: How does the spirit world react to swearing?
A: It cuts you a little slack. Because your awareness is limited.
Q: You're not offended?
A: Hell no. But you could at least stop giving us middle initials. What the &%#@ is that about?
Q: Is swearing really benign?
A: The purely secular ones are.
Q: What the &%#@ does that mean?
A; You know, that one; also %^$*, *!#^, and $+@&
Q I can't believe you don't mind a little swearing.
A: Well, it CAN get to be a pain in the ass.
A: What if we ARE fully aware, and still do it?
A: OK, that's a little different.
Q: So the spirit world is immune to how we feel about it?
A: Not exactly. We always appreciate a little gratitude.
Q: Thank you for that answer.
A: You're very welcome.
(Zilfer) Why do we give spirit guides to people when they’re not even aware of them?
(Flossie) Are you familiar with the term “intuition”?
(Zilfer) This civilization sees that it is seriously flawed, and therefore it can’t believe in a higher designer.
(Flossie) They don’t understand that they have to fix the flaws themselves?
(Zilfer) They think that if there is a Mom, then Mom should fix everything for them.
Zilfer: Quark, why are we taking a “hands-off” policy with this planet?
Quark: So they can evolve on their own over time into a peaceful society
Quark: Unguided free will is the only way that will work
Zilfer: Have you read Lord of the Flies?
Flossie: My planet’s civilization just blew itself up for the seventh time
Tibbo: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
Flossie: Perhaps there’s a slight problem with the free will concept
(Flossie) Letting that planet’s civilization fend for itself seems a bit cruel
(Quark) When parents release their children into the world, does that mean they don’t love them?
(Flossie) OK, but is there a way to send a message to the planet occasionally?
(Quark) Yes.
Quark: The people on my planet are praying to us to suppress an evil uprising
Flossie: We’ll have to explain to them that we can’t intervene in any way in a free will planet
Quark: You should examine that sentence carefully.
(Flossie) These humans are so intolerant of each other.
(Quark) Flossie, they need to understand that different souls are at different stages of development.
(Quark) You don't criticize a sixth-grader for not knowing algebra.
(Flossie) If you're Zilfer you do. [Zilfer looking sternly at a 6th-grader]
G1 How many crop circles do we have to make before people realize they're not man-made?
They still think those glyphs were made by two guys with a board and rope.
G2 Highly intricate ones, overnight in the dark?
G1 Any belief system is easiest to hold onto if you don't look too closely at the facts. (“Country still deeply divided”)
Q; What you're teaching seems a lot like what we on Earth call “New Age” spirituality.
A: It is. Minus the crystals, gems, astrology, fortune-telling, and pseudoscience.
Q: So all of those are invalid?
A: Only the last two.
Q: What will tomorrow's winning lottery number be?
A: You live under a free will premise. No one can predict the future absolutely, including us.
We do see trends, though.
Q: What numbers are trending now?
(Teg) I’m having a problem with my fairies. They’re allowing themselves to be seen a little too often
(Teg) They’re starting to sink down into 3 dimensions
(Flossie) They’re yielding to peer pressure and their baser nature. Strong parental guidance is what’s missing.
Q: Does the spirit world have a sense of humor?
A Of course. From where we are there's no need to take anything too seriously.
And we laugh in ways you don't even know about.
Teg: Quark, what will happen when all life in the universe achieves complete awareness?
Quark: Let me get back to you on that one.
Q: What is channeling?
A: A more direct way of receiving information from spirit.
A: The veil is one-way. We can always hear you, but you can't hear us normally. We can't talk to you directly.
A: But we can if you meet us halfway, usually in the context of deep meditation.
Q: Is it difficult?
A: Maybe at first. It's like anything else. It gets easier over time.
Q: I only believe what science has proven to be true.
A: So you don't believe in a reality outside of space and time?
A: That's right.
A: Do you accept the Big Bang theory, which has essentially been proven?
Q: Yes.
A: Then you're a hypocrite.
Q: Why?
A: If that theory is true, it means space and time had a beginning.
A: That means they had a cause.
A: And that cause has to be outside of space and time.
A: And you can't be selective about which parts of science you're going to accept.
Q: What belief system is the most clearly logical?
A: Agnosticism.
A: That seems like an unresolved belief system.
A: It is, but it's the simplest and most logical one.
Q: I just don't buy that there are formless beings floating around everywhere.
A: Do you agree that there is some kind of primordial intelligence behind everything?
A: Yes.
A: That's good enough. We'll take that for now.
Q: What would you say the main objectivesw of 3D existence are?
A: One, enjoy all the delights of the material world fully.
A: Two, resolve your karma issues, if you know what they are.
A: Three, learn from your interactions with others. You will carry that learning with you permanently.
Q: When you say "permanently", you mean...
A: Yes.
Feelings of hatred and mistrust between groups of people seem so petty from our perspective.
Q: What about us and that other ethnic people? Our differences are not petty. They go back thousands of years. And our heritage is important to us.
A: Go back another thousand years to when you were the same people, with the same language, and the same patriarchs. Are your differences worth ignoring that common heritage?
Q Were we seeded by a civilization that finally overcame their pettiness?
A Yes.
Q Are we duplicating their experience?
A Essentially, yes.
Q How are we doing in comparison to their story?
A Your progress this time has been a little faster than theirs, but you're not out of the woods yet.
Q Why don't alien visitors make themselves know openly?
A Because it would short-circuit your planet's required self-evolution of consciousness.
Q So when will we meet them?
A You tell me.
Q What does "sufficiently evolved" mean?
A It means that you have replaced the instict toward fear, tribalism, and competition with an instict toward cooperation, and appreciation of what you have.
Q Will we get there before we destroy ourselves?
A Not necessarily, the way things are looking right now.
Q Why are societies so slow to change?
A The power of tradition, but mostly people's inability to think for themselves.
Q Why is that?
A It's much easier and more comfortable to pick a group to identify with, and fall back on whatever that groups beliefs are.
Q Do imperialistic and oppressive dictatorships hold back the evolutionary progress of a planet?
A Yes, of course.
Q What can be done about it?
A Pray.
Q I mean realistically?
A Pray. We're always willing to help if asked.
Q Doesn't that invalidate the planetary self-progression?
A No. Asking for help is a legitimate part of it.
Q Does the planet have consciousness?
A Yes.
Q What's on its mind right now?
A It's struggling to remain vital in the face of overwhelming pollution.
Q How long will it have to struggle?
A Another couple of hundred years or so, if humanity survives. Or not.
Q That seems like a long time.
A Not in the context of its 5 billion year history.
Q Where did those who seeded us come from?
A Planets around the stars Betelgeuse, Alpheratz, Arcturus, and stars in the Pleiades.
Q Are those the only stars in the galaxy with life?
A No, but they are relatively close to you. They are all easily visible in your night sky.
Q So those aliens are limited in how far they can travel?
A Yes, and they don't want to venture too far out of the neighborhood.

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