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Tibbo: What's unique about quantum physics?
Quark: It says that physical matter has a probabilistic aspect.
Tibbo: Will I have difficulty understanding it?
Quark: Probably.
Quark: According to string theory, all matter is made of tiny strings vibrating.
Tibbo: What are the strings themselves made of?
Quark:: They always duck that question.
Tibbo: Is this the scientific version of irony?
Tibbo: So it's a chicken and egg situation?
Quark: Yes. But we can't bring evolution in to solve it.
(Quark) Tibbo, scientists are finally discovering that a primeval vibration is behind all creation.
(Tibbo) How are they responding to that realization?
(Quark) They’re reluctantly accepting it, but having a hard time assigning the “G” word to it
(Quark) Tibbo, reduced to its basics, music is just vibration and vibrational relationships.
(Quark) It's the same anywhere in the universe, and even outside of the 3D universe.
(tibbo) Does that mean Prime Creator has to listen to Justin Bieber?
(Tibbo) Zilfer, 3D science has always been limited by what it is able to directly observe.
(Tibbo) At every stage in history, science thought it knew all there was to know. And then the telescope and microscope were invented, and--
(Zilfer) When will science be able to detect the life force and consciousness?
(Tibbo) Not any time soon. It's still on the back burner.
(Quark) Zilfer, science on Earth doesn't understand that memories are recorded in unlimited energy fields.
(Quark) It still believes images and feelings are stored only in brain cells and neural networks.
(Quark) At 10 MB per image, you would need upwards of 1000 billion individual cells to record all of a person's memories in digital form.
(Zilfer) Just like people, science limits the scope of its own awareness.
(Zilfer) Eventually science will explain beauty factually.
(Zilfer) Then computers will be able to create as much beauty as the people want.
(Quark) I’m sending you back to creation school
(Tibbo) Earthly scientists still maintain that a beautiful face is merely the result of evolutionary influences
(Flossie) Then they should be able to factually itemize the specific genetic components of physical beauty
(Tibbo) Last time I checked they were still working on it...
(Quark) Teg, in abstract math there are no numbers.
(Teg) How do you know if you got the right answer?
(Quark) There are no answers. You invent factual statements and try to prove them.
(Teg) sounds like being a trial lawyer.
(Quark) It is. Except if you can't prove them, you don't get paid.
Even if you do prove them you still don't get paid.
Tibbo: Science knows there are higher dimensions, but doesn't understand why we can't see them.
So they made up a theory that the higher dimensions are curled up into very tight rolls, like rugs.
Zilfer: Why don't they get that 3D beings and 3D tools can't access higher dimensions? Hello? Haven't they read "Flatland"?
Teg: Quark, why does a mirror reverse things horizontally but not vertically?
Quark: You ask too many questions.
Q: Has the universe existed forever?
A: Infinite time doesn't make sense, if you think about it logically.
Q: So time is finite?
A: At least in the backward direction. And probably in the forward direction also.
Q: How did time originate?
A: It was created, along with 3D space. It's actually an illusion, from the larger perspective.
Q: What existed before time was created?
A: You do realize that question doesn't make sense, right?
Q: What was time created from?
A: The original energy.
Q: How long has the original energy been there?
Q: Did the universe suddenly start from nothing or has it always existed?
A: Both explanations raise many difficult questions.
A: I'd go with the way that has the most answerable set of questions.
Q: I can maybe see the future being infinite, but I can't quite buy that the past is infinite.
A: Maybe time is an artificial construct that started with the Big Bang.
Q: Well, which is it?
A: Again, it's probably the option with the most answerable questions.
T: Think about it. A lot of the big questions would have simpler answers if time were an artificial construct, localized to the 3D universe.
Q: Can it be stopped or reversed?
A: We can stop it. You can't.
Q: We can move around in space. Space/time is a continuum. Why can't we go backwards in time?
A: If you were allowed to, you could alter the present.
Q: Why is that a problem? We could fix our mistakes.
A: You'd never learn anything. Plus you'd probably never get to 2025.
Q: I'd like to go back in time and prevent all the bad things that have happened to me.
A: But all the good things that have happened to you might not re-happen. Think about that.
Q: Could you creators rewind time if you wanted to?
A: Yes.
Q: Could you please rewind the clock to just one day ago?
A: Ain't gonna happen. Besides, all that walking backwards would just make you dizzy.
Q: If you won't allow the world to go back in time, can you arrange a time travel just for me?
A: Sorry, it's everybody or nobody.
Q: Is there any hope of getting answers to the large questions?
A: First figure out what the questions are.
A: Then you're halfway there.
Q: More and more, science is forced to reach beyond its traditional limits and consider ideas that overlap with the spiritual.
Q: Will science and theology eventually merge into the same thing, as in ancient times?
A: Yes.
Q: What will that look like?
A: I don't know, but probably it will be less pious than religion and more open-minded than current science.

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