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Tibbo: There goes another planet.
Flossie: What went wrong this time?
Tibbo: They all thought God was on their side.

(Flossie) Why are they so excited? [other gators looking thru scope]
(Tibbo) They found a person on Earth who takes into consideration facts that don't fit her beliefs.
(Flossie) Hallelujah! I hereby nominate her for that galaxy's Person of the Eon.
(tibbo) How about Person of the Eon for the whole Universe?

(Tibbo) People in that political party are espousing love, respect and inclusion. [planet thru window]
(Scoot) So why do they fear and despise that other political party?

(Tibbo) I’m watching a Presidential candidates’ debate. The emotions are running high.
(Flossie) Do they realize how petty their disagreements are, in the overall scheme of things?
(Tibbo) No, they don’t. But I have a way of bringing them together [picture of asteroid on course to hit the planet]

[scientists] Those who believe in UFOs, without a shred of evidence, are blind idiots.
[new-agers] Those who don't believe in UFOs, in the face of overwhelming evidence, are blind idiots.
(Tibbo) Look at those factions. They can't both be right. Is there anything that can be said for sure?
(Flossie) Yes. Your truth is what you want to believe. Ignore anything that doesn't fit your beliefs.

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