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What the – ? I'm not dead? You mean reincarnation is for real?
Flossie: If you believe “you only go around once in life” is true ... you probably also believe “it's not a crime if you don't get caught”.
(person) So “you must be born again” is literally true?
Flossie: Of course it is. What exactly did you think it meant?
Q: I don't believe in reincarnation, because there's no hard evidence for it.
A: Of course there isn't. That would defeat the purpose.
Q: Which is?
A: People need to start over with a fresh slate many times, to evolve their souls. One life time isn't near enough for most of us.
Q: So we're in school, advancing from grade to grade?
A: Yes, in a way. And at the end you graduate.
Q: Have some of us been in school longer than others?
A: Yes. But the grades are all mixed together in the same classroom.
Q: Whose bright idea was that?
Q: So I come in each time with no knowledge of reincarnation and no memories of past lives? What's up with that?
A: You know, there's a reason actors in a play can't see the audience.
Gator: Your persona in this lifetime is just one temporary aspect of the larger you.
You chose who you are this time because of the lessons it would afford.
Q: How much leeway did I have, in choosing?
A: Some. But you can't be a rock start every time.
Flossie: We would like you to return as a poor illiterate woman from a third-world country.
Guy: Why?
Flossie: You asked for a speedup in your learning. This should do it.
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Flossie: With your permission, we want you to return to Earth as a gay woman, so you can experience discrimination first-hand.
Guy: OK, but the time after that I want to be a John Wayne look-alike.
(Quark) Flossie, don’t forget to build in the reincarnation mechanism for your new planet and species of human.
(Flossie) I know, but making them figure things out on their own always seems so heartless.
(Quark) Think of it as Outward Bound on a larger scale
Q It's hard to believe in a God when there's so much strife and conflict in the world.
A Maybe all that strife is part of the learning plan for humanity.
A And that means you need reincarnation, because you're're not going to learn the lesson in one generation.
Q What if I don't like the idea of reincarnation?
A It's either that or atheism. Take your pick. Hint: which one makes the most sense from a larger view, and offers the most hope?
Gator: You tend to reincarnate with the same group of souls over and over again. Many of them are your immediate family. It facilitates the learning process.
Q: So my child this time might be my parent next time?
A: Yes, it's possible.
Q: Oh great. Is there an opt-out mechanism?
Gator: If you're a man you could be a woman next time. And vice-versa.
Q (woman): You mean I'll have to find my own dates? I can't just stand around?
A: Start working on your pickup lines, honey. And get used to choosing your clothes at random every morning.
Q: Are you saying my husband might be my wife next time, and I'll be the husband?
A: Could be.
Q: He's going to get a taste of his own medicine.
A: It works both ways, honey.
Q: So I might be a woman in the next lifetime?
A: Yes. Especially if you disrespected women this time.
Q: Can I get a little help in this?
A: We'll give you a free cell phone. With unlimited calling time.
Q: What if I come back as a moose in the next life?
A: You haven't been paying attention, have you?
Q: Have I reincarnated on other planets besides Earth?
A: Hold on, let me check. Yes, you've lived on a planet in the Orion constellation.
Q: What about other galaxies?
A: No, you're not quite that adventurous.
Q: Tell me about that other planet I lived on.
A: It had only a small amount of water, so they had to conserve it carefully.
Q: Did they run out of water?
A: A planet doesn't run out of water, it gets recycled. Oxygen, though, is a different story.
Q: We keep using oxygen so it must be getting created somewhere.
A: It is.
Q: Where?
A: Look it up.
Q: If our souls start from a place of unconditional love, why is physical existence and the reincarnation process even necessary?
A: First, it gives God a way to create beauty and for souls to experience beauty. Second, souls can appreciate unconditional love best when they have experienced the lack of it.
Q: Story of my life.
Q: I'm still not convinced about why reincarnation is needed.
A: In life, persevering through suffering strengthens you, right?
Q: Yes.
A: Reincarnation is the same thing. Just from a larger perspective.
Q: Who decides my reincarnational fate?
A: You and the overseers of reincarnation.
Q: So it's a committee?
A: You could call it that.
Q: That explains a lot.
Q: Does the collective karmic burden on Earth become lighter over time?
A: Yes, but it's a very slow process, at least from our perspective. Especially since "new" souls are being born all the time, and they have to start from square one.
Q: When I'm done with this lifetime is that experience lost forever?
A: No. From the timeless perspective all of your lifetimes exist "simultaneously". And they all influence your present lifetime.
Q: Is there a "Delete" option?
Q: Maybe this runs contrary to the whole reincarnation process, but may I offer a suggestion for improving our life experiences?
A: Yes?
Q: Give us an "Undo" option, good at any time.
Q: Reincarnation must be false because it violates Occam's Razor.
A: Ocam's Razor is not a hard-and-fast rule. Sometimes truth is more complex than what you are expecting.
Q: Give me an example.
A: The DNA molecule.

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