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Q: Did we evolve from simpler life forms?
A: You arose from the spark of life, followed by guided evolution.
It was beautiful to watch you develop into intelligent beings.
Q: Are you sure you're talking about us?
Q: Did you watch us evolve from the beginning?
A: Yes.
Q: You must have infinite patience.
A: No, we watched the whole thing while sipping a beer.
Q: Alligators don't drink beer.
A: Yes we do.
Q: Why?
A: Everyone needs to relax after a hard eon of creating.
Gator: Other primates evolved on Earth, besides Homo Sapiens. There were the Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons and others.
Q: What happened to them?
A: Some experiments just don't end well.
Q: Did all primate species evolve from a simple cellular beginning?
A: No, some were transplanted directly from their home planet.
Q: Sort of like illegal immigrants?
A: Yes. They had trouble with the different climate, and some ended up being deported.
Gator: Earth has seen five major seedings of higher human life. The first civilization succumbed to disease and the next three destroyed themselves.
Advanced life from a planet in the Pleiades star cluster planted the fifth seeding, which you belong to.
Q: Are we going to make it?
A: I don't know. You tell me.
Q: How old is this seeding?
A: many millions of Earth years since its beginning.
Q: Going back to the dinosaur age?
A: Yes, and even before that. Those fossils are long gone.
Q: Did we have pets named "Dino"?
A: Your DNA was adjusted 200,000 thousand years ago, by your Pleiadean ancestors.
The result was Homo Sapiens, and you look a lot like those Pleiadeans.
Q: So they made us in their image?
A: Yes. with some minor tweaking.
Gator: The new Earth humans called themselves “the children of the morning star”, because their Pleiadean ancestors lived on a planet in the Alcyone star cluster,
and one of their companion stars shone brightly in the morning sky.
[picture on wall with sun and star]
Q: Brighter than our Venus?
A: Yes. And it stayed in the same place relative to their sun.
Q: What Earth constellation is the Pleiades in?
A: Taurus.
Q: That's appropriate.
A: Why?
Q: This whole Pleiades story sounds like a bunch of bull.
Gator: Pleiadean humans were not the only starseed race of Homo Sapiens.
Other varieties came from the solar systems of Alpheratz, Arcturus, Sirius and Betelgeuse.
They are the different races you see today.
Q: Are you serious?
A: No, I work with Betelgeuse.
Gator: Some of the transplanted human-like creatures were reptilian in appearance.
But they are no longer around on Earth.
Q: That's sad.
A: yes, it IS sad when your own kind doesn't make it.
G: Your seeding has seen several civilization attempts, including Lemuria and Atlantis.
Q: Those are very ancient societies.
A: To us, they're recent. We see them like you see your last millenium.
But they were smarter about religion.
Q: Did Atlantis sink into the ocean 12,000 years or so ago?
A: yes. They started out fine but eventually gave in to their baser nature.
Q: Did they self-destruct or was it arranged?
A: A little of both.
Q: Where did those who seeded us come from?
A: Planets around the stars Betegeuse, Alpheratz, Arcturus, and stars in the Pleiades.
Q: Are those the onloy stars in the galaxy with life?
A: No, but they are relatively close to you. They are all easily visible in your night sky.
Q: So those aliens are limited in how far they can travel?
A: Yes, and they don't want to venture too far out of the neighborhood.

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