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(Tibbo) Why can’t I circumvent evolution and create a viable new species right off the bat?
(Quark) If you think you’re up to it, go ahead. But you only get three tries.
(tibbo) Fine. Forget it.
(Zilfer) Quark, I get that we need evolution to develop unique and viable species from our initial blueprints.
(Zilfer) But why are the outcomes so unpredictable?
(Quark) You've never had children, have you?
Zilfer: Scientists on that planet have finally proved that evolution alone can't create completely new and different species without gradual changes.
And there's no record of all those in-between variations.
Tibbo: What happened?
Zilfer: Suddenly all their churches are SRO
(Zilfer) Quark, why don't humans understand that evolution perfects species; it doesn't originate them.
(Quark) Because if evolution explains everything, then you don't have to worry about unseen intelligences, and all the implied moral inconveniences.
(Zilfer) What if those moral inconveniences are only imagined? Is it like those performance artists who lock themselves in a cage?
Q: Did the beautiful and perfectly symmetric stripes on a tabby cat evolve or were they designed?
A: Which seems the simplest answer to you?
A: Which answer seems most likely to you?
Q: Any answer that requires me to expand my belief system isn't simple.
A: Common sense has no place in science.
Tibbo: This banana is just the right size for your mouth. It has a nice taste. It turns yellow when ripe
and only then can you open it. And the skin has seams so it unzips easily.
Tibbo: Exactly how and why did that happen?
Person: Through the miracle of evolution.
Tibbo: That answer is no better than “God works in mysterious ways”.
Quark: Tibbo, was your new race of humans successful?
Tibbo: Well, they can’t stand upright. But otherwise...
Quark: I told you not to stop your evolution before it was finished
(Zilfer) Scoot, is your new species’ evolution finished yet?
(Scoot) It needs another billion or so 3D planet years
(Zilfer) OK. Let’s get a cup of coffee and then take a look
(Quark) All currently-evolving Earth species are to be put on hold for 50 million Earth years while we conduct a performance review. There will be no sign that it ever happened.
(Zilfer) Except for a big unexplained pause in the fossil record, that scientists will attribute to global cooling.
(Teg) Flossie, I was hoping to create prairie dogs, squirrels, and weasels on my new planet, by evolution alone, starting from a single rodent template.
(Flossie) Did it work?
(Teg) Let's just say I'm going to Plan B.
(Teg) I was hoping my rabbit would turn into an entirely new species, via unguided evolution.
(Flossie) What happened?
(Teg) I ended up with 273 species of rabbits, all slightly different from each other, and all equally able to survive.
Q: I still believe the beauty, perfection and uniqueness of peacocks' tails arose through evolution alone.
Tibbo (to Zilfer): Here's our chance to unload that bridge.
Q: How long would it take for unguided evolution to perfect a species down to the minutest detail?
A: Given enough time, would a hundred monkeys with typewriters eventually recreate the works of Shakespeare?
Q: Maybe.
A: Well, those hundred monkeys would have long since finished their job and gone home before evolution reaches perfection.
Q: So, absolute perfection from unguided evolution would take longer than the known age of the universe?
A: Way longer, if it's even possible. Even I don't have that kind of patience.
And I'm sitting here outside of time.
Q: I think life arose from simple organic molecules.
A: Even if organic matter somehow got started, it would need the ability to self-replicate.
Q: It could develop that ability through evolution.
A: You do see the problem there, right?
Teg: Why don't we develop the finished product? Why is evolution needed at all?
Quark: Think of it as adding the finishing touches. Smart as we are, we can't anticipate every eventuality - problems in the design, and unexpected environmental forces.
Teg: So this is the beta version?
Flossie: Looks like we'll need an organ to produce enzymes for digestion. let's call it a pancreas.
Teg: Can't unguided evoluton develop it?
Flossie: How would that even get started?
Teg: Uh...never mind.
Q: I believe that gradual evolution produced all of life.
A: How did the DNA double-helix molecule arise out of random mutation and survival of the fittest?
What mutated? And what drove the assembling of the parts?
Q: Well...

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