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The Creator Gators welcome you to their website.

In essence Creator Gators is about spirituality, which simply refers to all that is beyond the reach of science (or just all that is). It offers an alternative belief system that is outside institutional religion, and is very close to being free of dogma. Our hope is that truth-seekers including agnostics and atheists and others who are unsure about traditional religion may find an explanation of spirituality here that makes sense; one that appeals more to logic than faith. (Spirituality and logic are not mutually exclusive.) Look at it and decide for yourself.

The Creator Gators are intelligent (usually) beings who exist in the higher dimensions, and therefore could be called spirit beings. They work for the original Prime Intelligence, who delegated to them the task of creating the universe and all of life.

In the strips they allow their forms in the lowest three-dimensions to appear as alligators, for teaching purposes. They have human-like attributes, in that they speak English, have genders and personalities, make mistakes, and have trouble working as a committee sometimes.

Quark is the head creator. Working for and with him are designers Zilfer, Flossie, Tibbo, Scoot, and the young apprentice Teg.


The Creator Gators is by Paul W. Bennett and Jane Wachman. Content of this website is based on information received directly from spirit by us and others, our intuition, plus logic and reason.

If you find this site useful to you in your search for truth, mention it to others and link to it on line. That will help it come up more often in searches.

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The woodland creatures image is by Limitless Walls Premium Wall Murals.

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