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Discerning truth in the jungle of distortion

"All truth passes through three stages as it becomes more well-known: (1) denial/ridicule, (2) aggressive opposition, and finally (3) acceptance as being 'self-evident'." This principle in various forms has been attributed to Arthur Schopenhauer and others. We have seen this clearly in recent history, for example:

Some of these examples are still in stage 1 or 2. Stage 1 is characterized by mocking and scorn, while Stage 2 is angry denunciation. Some of these changes are happening over a long time period while others are relatively short.

Stage 1 Behaviors

I would like to focus here on stage 1. Sometimes we actually see two different kinds of groupings in this stage: first the aforementioned sarcastic skepticism, and second, blind embracing of the idea. In relation to UFOs, those who dismiss the idea outright we can call Group A. If you accept every sighting as legitimate you are in Group C. Group B sees the situation with more clarity. They see that there is too much credible evidence to write all of it off as natural phenomena and hoaxes. They recognize that hoaxes can happen but are realistic about the likelihood of widespread fakery.

The same A, B and C behaviors apply to crop circles and pretty much all the other examples. The truth is largely obscured by the stridency of Group A and and the blindness of Group C, both of which place their own kind of mask over the truth. Only Group B can discern the truth hiding amidst the jungle of A and C.

Existence of the Divine

Which brings us to the largest question of all, the existence of God or the divine. Group A is the atheists (agnostics say "I'll pass" on this one). Group C is those who believe on the basis of faith and whose version of truth is usually a painted facade. Group B, who we might call Deists, or some variety of Deists, quietly observe and are secure in their belief. (PWB 1-15-22)